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Top 5 Tips for Hippie Travel

Electric blue roads twist and turn, offering an escape from the gaudy chaos of flying beasts and bug-eyed monsters running rampant over a city enveloped in flames. Where do those roads lead? No… Continue reading

The Rise of the Chicago Entrepreneur

Yes, we get it. The economy is still bleak. Competition for jobs is as fierce as ever and technology is rapidly restructuring every industry from agriculture to the arts. Many are struggling to… Continue reading

“Creature Feature” Exhibit Preview

Whimsical beasts and fanciful creatures take over the canvas in this upcoming exhibit from Humboldt Park boutique One Strange Bird. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22 from 6-9 pm,… Continue reading

Adding (Multi) Media to the Web – Summary

Multimedia allows journalists to spread information using various types of media, such as sound, text, video and animation. With seemingly endless options for providing content, journalists need to be more critical and conceptual… Continue reading